The area

Sandvig is close to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark, Hammershus Castle ruins.

The village is typified by its narrow winding streets and old half-timbered houses.It is only about 2 kilometres from Allinge where there are a number of interesting shops.

Sandvig is nestled between Langebjerg and the Hammerknuden peninsula.The scenic Hammerknuden peninsula – with crystal-clear lakes, heathland, the magnificent Hammer quarry (now abandoned) and the Solomon Chapel ruin – is only a stone’s throw from the hotel.Boat tours depart from Hammerhavn harbour to see the Lion Heads rock formation and the Hammershus castle ruin from the sea.​Denmark’s longest aerial cableway, across Opalsøen lake, is also near the hotel, and Sandvigbugten bay, with a beautiful sandy beach and bathing jetty, is only three minutes from the hotel.

There are plenty of opportunities for inshore angling, deep-sea trolling, golfing, tennis, and mini-golfing (crazy golf) – not to mention cycling and rambling through the magnificent countryside.Rø Golf Course – the most interesting and intriguing of Bornholm’s three golf courses – is 11 kilometres from the hotel.

Also in the area are the Bornholm Art Museum, Bornholm Technical Museum, art galleries and craft artists, as well as a number of good restaurants.


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